Portrait of Cameron W. Evans

Cameron W Evans, PhD

School of Molecular Sciences (M310)
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009

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Portrait of Cameron W. Evans

Cameron W Evans, PhD

Bionanotech researcher
Perth, Western Australia

  • nanobiotechnology
  • hydrogels
  • drug delivery
  • liposomes
  • nanoparticles

About me

I am a Research Fellow in the School of Molecular Sciences at UWA specialising in bionanotechnology and biodelivery systems.

I love research because I get to challenge myself everyday with new problems, while using world-class technology and instrumentation. What drives my passion is that my work is making a positive impact, advancing technologies to solve health problems such as cancer, and improving the wellbeing of my community. I have a highly diverse background of skills and experience, having worked in all disciplines of chemistry, as well as structural biology, pharmaceutical formulation, nanotechnology, neuroscience, and cancer epigenetics. My research at the intersection of chemistry, nanotechnology, biology, and imaging makes use of quantum dots, polymers, nanoparticles, proteins, DNA, drug conjugates, and more. I work as part of a large multidisciplinary group consisting of chemists, biologists, oncologists, pathologists and geneticists.





What we do

Intracellular delivery

My group works on subcellular targeted delivery and imaging.

Delivery of biomolecules into cells is important for vaccines, gene therapies, and lab techniques like RNA interference. My research has made breakthroughs in the design and targeting of nanomedicines; I have designed two new platforms to study nanomedicine and biological interactions in cells and tissues. We use microscopy to follow molecules as they are delivered to cells, and track them on their journey.

My team has expertise in encapsulating and delivering drugs, peptides, proteins, oligos, plasmid DNA, and also in visualising these structures in cells and tissues. We always welcome new collaborations, so please reach out if you think you could use our experience in any of these areas.

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Skills and abilities

Lab expertise


We can help with encapsulation of oligos in lipid nanoparticles for successful delivery in vivo.


We have engineered a range of biocompatible materials for the sustained release of drugs in vivo.


Our in-house materials outperform commercial reagents, effectively delivering nucleic acids into cells.


We have expertise in both organic and inorganic particles, including magnetic nanoparticles and QDs.


We can label DNA, RNA and proteins with fluorophores, tracers, and we can prepare reactive conjugates.


We can expand cells and tissue using expansion microscopy to get ultra high-resolution optical images.

Research showcase

Current projects

  • ...

    Designing hydrogels for delivery of therapies

    With A/Prof Joost Lesterhuis (Telethon Kids Institute), and Dr Livia Carvalho and Dr Rabab Rashwan (Lions Eye Institute)

  • ...

    Single-molecule imaging and correlative microscopy

    With A/Prof Haibo Jiang (University of Hong Kong)

  • ...

    Multiplex single-cell sequencing in breast cancer models

    With A/Prof Alka Saxena (Genomics WA)

  • ...

    Liposomal formulation of therapeutic oligonucleotides

    With A/Prof Rakesh Veedu (Murdoch University) and Prof Peter Leedman (Perkins Institute of Medical Research)

  • ...

    Intracellular delivery across the blood–brain barrier

    With Prof Jürgen Götz and Dr Liviu Bodea (Queensland Brain Institute)

  • ...

    Macromolecular transfection agent design

    With Prof K Swaminathan Iyer, Dr Marck Norret (University of Western Australia), and A/Prof Pilar Blancafort (Perkins Institute of Medical Research)

  • ...

    Non-canonical nucleic acid structures in gene regulation and disease

    With Dr Nicole Smith (University of Western Australia)

Collaborating institutions

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Students & teaching

My lab team

My team consists of a gender-diverse group of postdocs, PhD candidates, Masters students, and undergrads.

Postgrad students are welcome to discuss potential research proposals. Please provide a transcript and CV, together with a draft project proposal in line with our expertise. Undergrad students interested in pursuing a project in the lab or vacation placement are welcome to get in touch. Please also refer to the UWA website for information on courses, Honours programmes, and eligibility.

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  • Peter K.H. Lee PhD candidate
  • Ruba Almasri PhD candidate
  • Shahama Taifour PhD candidate
  • Linley C. Worth PhD candidate
  • Somayra S.A. Mamsa PhD candidate
  • Lennart J. Schaefer PhD candidate
  • Charmaine K. Y. Hee PhD candidate
  • Jessica J. King PhD, 2023
  • Uditi Bhatt PhD, 2023
  • Kelly M. Irving PhD, 2023
  • Gerrard Zhang MBiomedSc, 2022
  • Ziyi Wang MBiomedSc, 2022
  • Ewen McCabe BSc (Hons), 2022
  • Lachlan I. Soraru MBioTech, 2022
  • Samuel J. Beerkens BSc (Hons I), 2021
  • Jonathan Odude BSc (Hons), 2021
  • Linley C. Worth BSc (Hons I), 2021
  • Roland Kerr MSc, 2017
  • Zakia Theravajoo MBiomedSc, 2021
  • Zhewei (Dave) Liu MBioTech, 2021
  • Sky D. Edwards BSc (Hons I), 2017
  • Dr Jessica A. Kretzmann PhD, 2015-22
  • Michelle Low BSc (Hons), 2020
  • Michelle Liu MBiomedSc, 2020
  • Quang Dũng (Brian) Lê PhD, 2021
  • Dr Arnold Ou PhD, 2019
  • A/Prof Alaa Munshi PhD, 2016-17
  • Dr Priya Naidu PhD, 2015-17
  • Dr Dominic W. W. Ho BSc (Hons), 2010
  • Dr Tristan D. Clemons PhD, 2010-12
  • Samuel Fagan BSc, 2021-22, summer vacation scholarship
  • Tanisha Verma BSc, 2021-22, summer vacation scholarship
  • Robert Waddell BHSc, 2021-22, Queen’s University
  • Peter K.H. Lee BSc (Hons), 2019-20, University of Bath
  • Xingda An 2018, UWA China-Australia exchange, UTSC China
  • Ruilu (Mary) Feng 2018, UWA China-Australia exchange, UTSC China
  • Philip Tombs BSc, 2015-16, University of Bath, summer vacation scholarship

Other activities

Outside of research

Community engagement

I co-ordinate nanotechnology demos for WA high school STEM classes. Get in touch if you would like us to come to you!


Experience in commercialising the nanoparticle platform I developed during my PhD through a UWA spin-out company.

Conference apps

I have designed and developed programme apps for seven international ComBio conferences held in Australia.

In my institution

I designed forms for requisitions, and programmed the chemical store inventory (> 80k transactions to date).


My photos have been featured in The West Australian and used for profiles, awards ceremonies, and advertising.


I run my own business in web and graphic design, and enjoy making figures and posters that communicate science.


Get in touch

Cameron Evans
School of Molecular Sciences (M310)
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009

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